We have the following campaigns and committees and we invite you to get involved.  You can also propose starting a new committee if there’s some topic you’re interested in working on.

Join our 95405 Campaign to “REDUCE & PRODUCE”
  • Learn how you can save money, save energy & help your Neighborhood Association with home energy efficiency & solar for your home or business!  You receive discounts on energy audits, home upgrades, and solar and the Neighborhood Association receives a donation!  More info

Southeast Greenway Campaign Committee:

  • The Southeast Greenway Campaign is a community-based project to develop a vital urban greenway on the stretch of open space that links Spring Lake to Highway 12 at Farmer’s Lane, creating a valuable community asset for the citizens of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Our campaign is committed to shaping the Southeast Greenway based on principles of sustainability – respect for the environment, economic vitality, and social equity – and on community input, needs and desires.  Contact us to get involved!

Green Up Committee:

  • The Green Up Committee helps to clean, beautify and physically improve the health and look of our area.  For example it has spear-headed litter clean up events and the mural painting of the fence in Peter Springs Park (off Spring Creek & Idaho Dr.) It can always use more people interested in getting outdoors for some fun, exercise and to help improve our neighborhood. Contact us to get involved!

Safety Committee:

  • The Safety Committee helps neighbors implement or improve Neighborhood Watch and emergency preparedness programs.  For emergency preparedness we are specifically promoting the COPE program, or Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies.  It was started by residents of Oakmont, the Red Cross and the Fire Department and many neighborhoods or subsections of neighborhoods (5 – 20 residences) throughout the greater Santa Rosa area are using it.  The program has guidelines for getting your own home (and car) and your immediate neighborhood prepared with the appropriate water, food, supplies and skills, and with plans for helping meeting and assisting each other in case of an emergency. Contact us to get involved!


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