Learn how you can save money & help your Neighborhood Association with home energy efficiency & solar for your home or business!  More info
WELCOME! is the Neighborhood Association for Bennett Valley and beyond, serving all of the 95405 zip code.  We are a group of enthusiastic people who care about what happens on our blocks, in our neighborhoods, in the 95405 zip code area, and in Santa Rosa.  We are promoting the following programs in 95405 and invite you to get involved:
  • “Reducing & Producing” your energy use through energy efficiency and solar energy More info
  • Neighborhood Watch meetings throughout 95405
  • Emergency Preparedness throughout 95405 using the COPE (Communities Organized to Prepare for Emergencies) process
  • Creating a vision to turn the 50 acre Highway 12 right of way strip running through Bennett Valley into a valuable community asset for Sonoma County
  • Cleaning and greening 95405
We help neighbors in 95405 get to know each other, and provide a venue for like-minded neighbors to find each other.  We help block captains organize their neighbors, find out what those neighbors want and need to improve the quality of life, and sometimes we just have fun together such as block parties and yard sales.  We’ve also done things like help neighbors get funds for a mural project, had a neighborhood breakfast with the mayor, and formed Neighborhood Watch, emergency preparedness, and gardenning groups.

You can join an existing mini-neighborhood within 95405, or start one; become a block captain for neighborhood activities such as those already mentioned, etc.; help distribute newsletters; just get to know your neighbors; come to our 95045/NABV quarterly meetings; and get involved in making our community more connected, fun, beautiful and resilient!